Message from CEO

Eternal theme
Continue the “Diet” challenge

Sunny Health Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Nishimura

~Becoming a star of hope in the satiety era~

Our product “MICRODIET” passed 30 years of its sales. We really appreciate our customer who took on the diet challenge for so long.

I also suffered from gaining weight since I was in my thirties, and I often did a "petit diet," but I realized that it is not easy to go against my feelings. My "petit diet" is a method of recovering by replacing MICRODIET with regular meals three or four times a week, after eating out and gaining one or two kg. It is possible to carry out a such diet within a reasonable range, and it has been successful every time because the weight loss target is relatively small and can be done at a slow pace.

It is normal to gain weight while eating regular meals. So, I realized it is important to start a diet to maintain my weight, after gaining one or two kg.

Over the last 30 years, the diet industry has seen new products and ones that disappeared.
We saw a lot of products similar to MICRODIET, but we are now reaffirming that our customers are looking for "real" products. We will continue to provide "real" to customers who appreciate high value.

The world will be going through an era of satiety. It is not easy to keep our weight in such a period, but our mission is to solve this problem as a pioneer in diet meals. We will continue to challenge the eternal theme of diet by various approaches.