30 years of MICRODIET

Loved for 30 years
Continue to evolve over times

MICRODIET, born in the UK, has been sold in Japan for 30 years. At the beginning, it started with two flavors of apple and banana. But we continue to evolve by increasing the variety of tastes according to customer’s needs and changes over time. And we also released meals and snacks with a high satisfaction of "eating".
However, the initial policy of "to keep customers’ diet safe and secure" and "we want customers to keep delicious and enjoyable diet" remain unchanged.
We are working hard every day to keep evolving while staying close to the times.


Sunny Health Co., Ltd. was founded

The company that sold healthy drinks and foods was incorporated as Sunny Health Co., Ltd. Now we have headquarters in both Nagano and Tokyo.


MICRODIET was born in the UK

MICRODIET was born from the research by Dr. Jacqueline Studi, Nutrition Doctor at Surrey University. It became a hot topic all over the world.


MICRODIET sales started

Born in the UK, MICRODIET was improved and targeted for Japanese. A big boom as a pioneer in the “alternative diet food”!


The national slimming contest was held

The contest conveyed the efforts and impressions of successful dieters using MICRODIET to many people.
This was the origin of the later "MICRODIET Grand Prix (MDGP)".


UK Everest mountaineering team uses MICRODIET

When climbing Everest in 1993, the team adopted MICRODIET that was nutritious and unbulky, which greatly contributed to and impacted the climbing.


MICRODIET launched soup types for sale

In response to the customers’ request, those who got tired of drink type, the soup type was released. It was well-received as "It's delicious and stomach is satisfied".
* Currently end of sale


MICRODIET Diet Grand Prix was held

Started as a showcase for who successfully lost weight with MICRODIET.
Saying "My appearance and the life have been changed", many stories were born.


“Sweetness control”, “Jelly”, “Risotto” and “Retort” sales started

In response to customers’ request, new products were released continuously, such as drinks with low sweetness, highly satisfying jellies and risottos, and regular food retorts.
* Currently end of sale


“Pasta”, “Serial” and “Snack” sales started

The lineup has been enhanced with the addition of pasta, cereals, and low-calorie snacks to alleviate the worries of eating during diet.
* Currently some products are end of sale


MICRODIET 30th anniversary since its release

MICRODIET introduced "replacement food diet" for the first time to Japanese populations, causing a huge boom.
MICRODIET has continued to evolve and been loved by customers for a long time, while several diets have become popular and disappeared over the past 30 years.