Grand Prix

Many tears of joy and drama
were born in MICRODIET Grand Prix

"I have changed myself so much!" The Micro Diet Grand Prix started as a place to present the surprises and joys and how customers’ life has been changed through diet. The motivations, efforts, joys and tears of starting micro-dieting ... The great success story from the Grand Prix participants gave courage and excitement to many people.

  • Ms. Ikumi Kakoshima
  • Ms. Chie Ehara
  • Ms. Yukiko Matsumoto

Experienced voices with tremble
by excitement and joy

Changes in weight and body fatHeight 155.0cm
Weight loss
body fat percentage
Weight loss

* “After figures” are the results of measurements at the final confirmation of the MICRODIET Grand Prix in mid-January 2007.

Ms. Ikumi Kakoshima 
care manager

My husband told “I respect you!” to me, as I was reborn.

Before I started MICRODIET, I was a kitchen drunker, drinking 2-3 bottles of beer while making dinner every day. I can't stop even if I want to. My husband, who had seen my sloppy life, regretted getting married.
"pig". That was my hidden nickname at the company. When I knew it, I vowed, "I will diet! I won't be called that again."

Until then, I only thought about drinking and eating. But since I started MICRODIET, I seriously looked back on my life and realized that I wanted to live well and live longer.
From then on, I have been positive about everything and decided to use my previous experience as a nurse to qualify as a care manager.
Although it took only three months to take the exam, I was able to concentrate even during the diet and passed care manager exam on my first-time attempt, pass rate of which is 20%.

In the past, I had never thought of driving a car from a trauma in a traffic accident, but I got a driver's license because of work needs. Now I am working as a care manager.

Earlier I was arrogant and complained about everything, but I didn't remorse and didn't want to change.
However, my husband, who had seen my change every day since diet, now says, "I respect you."
Although I started my MICRODIET to lose weight, I am grateful that I become more energetic and I have the courage to face life.

Changes in weight and body fatHeight 170.0cm
Weight loss
body fat percentage
Weight loss

Ms. Chie Ehara 
Office worker

My secret to success is not to hurry, no rush, and not giving up.

She hates herself and started MICRODIET wanting to be proud of herself.
She lost 85 kg over 4 years. During the diet period she had experience below.

"When I was drinking medium-sized juice, students around me asked, 'Is that a small size?'.
Until then, I pretend not to hear despite frustrated, but at that time, 'Oh, I'm still fat. I need to be slim!' I thought so strongly.
For the first time, I realized that it was when I started dieting."

Then successfully she got a healthy body.

She has become more calm and kinder than before.
Then suddenly there is a preamble to "But".
"The essence hasn't changed since I was fat," she continued.

Changes in weight and body fatHeight 151.0cm
Weight loss
body fat percentage
Weight loss

* After figures are the results of measurements at the final confirmation meeting of the MICRODIET Grand Prix in 1st March 2009.

Ms. Yukiko Matsumoto 
Office worker

Even if you are in your 50s, you can be slim and yet beautiful.

After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the pain in right leg and hip joint has worsened. It was painful to walk with worn out cartilage.

In the winter of 46 years old, I was hospitalized for three months after undergoing surgery to drastically replace a prosthetic joint. When I come back after rehabilitation, there is no feeling of pain and it is delicious no matter what I eat. The weight, which was about 52 kg before the surgery, suddenly increased, and the size of my clothes became size 13. I decided to start my own diet. But if I lost about 2kg, I gained 2kg afterwards, and this happened repeatedly.

An orthopedic doctor said, "If you gain 1 kg, your hip joint will be loaded three to four times more, so it is better to lose weight". The company's health checkup shows that the body fat percentage is 29.2%, and I will become metabolic syndrome. Finally, I decided to go on a diet.

The reason I chose MICRODIET is that each meal has a well-balanced mix of nutrients, a feeling of fullness, and a rich variety to choose from.
I used MICRODIET in the morning on weekdays and MICRODIET in the morning and night on holidays.
At night, I ate regular meals with my family, but I uses my own way to cook. I used as little oil as possible, heated so that we could get a lot of vegetables, and increased seasonal fish dishes. When I was tired, I did not overdo it and bought a prepared side dish. It is often said that weight loss for elder results in wrinkles and sag, but I think that is not the case for me.

I think that diet and exercise, suitable to individuals, will make you slim with beautiful. MICRODIET has given me the opportunity to review the diet and my lifestyle, rather than just weight loss.