From Sunny Health staff

We will support with full power

“To be beautiful” and “Keep my health.”
We will support our customers with responsibility as specialists in each field and for the purpose of seeing their shining smiles and their healthy daily life.

Sales Promotion Department Yuji Kokubo

MICRODIET is evolving every day, thanks to our customers. We are creating flavor variations and a self-choice pack that allows you to choose your favorite flavor freely and set up a regular purchase mechanism that makes it easy to continue with a reasonable number of meals. We will continue to deliver our products and services that will please our customers.

Product Development Department Akio Kitagawa

What we concern is that "Delicious although diet food". We research delicious ingredients, high-quality raw materials, new functional ingredients that lead to results, and sometimes trendy sweets from around the world, and deliver products that satisfy our customers.

Customer Service Haruka Ishizaka

The policy in customer service is to fully support not only the product but also the customer’s diet. Many customers have been using it for more than ten years, and some use it for health management after a successful diet. Please contact us anytime.

Logistics Department Hiromasa Hanaoka

When I was a freshman, employees handled baggage by hand. It has been systematized from manual work for 30 years. However, the concept of "delivering the exact products wanted by customers" remains unchanged. We will continue to give it to our customers, like hand delivery.

Dietitian Yuka Ariizumi

The most important thing during dieting is to achieve both "efficient intake of necessary nutrients" and "continue to eat delicious foods and be satisfied." With the development of food culture, nutrition is also evolving. We will continue to provide useful information to our customers.