Highly trusted by many doctors

Professor Emeritus at Toho University School of Medicine
Director of Seijinkai Mihama Katori Clinic
Dr. Kouji Shiraishi

MICRODIET; respected for 30 years and high future expectations.

With the advent of MICRODIET (MD), it has become possible to break away from the common sense of conventional diets using regular meals do not yield results and to try drastic weight loss methods. A party was organized mainly by local pharmacists, where they created a new system while everyone was watching over.

It is the prototype of current team medicine. Many institutions tested MD in 2005 with excellent results.

Furthermore, institutions performed experiments on the expression of various insulin sensitivity, promoting genes. In recent years, surgeons introduced bariatric surgery in Japan. Data backed by nutritional research cultivated in MD provided significant contributions. MD has also helped to bring back nutrition-based medicine.

We hope that MD will continue to develop new flavors and keep support systems based on human love. We work hard to contribute to society.

Toho University Sakura Hospital
Deputy Director (in charge of education), Director of Nutrition Department Chief Professor of Internal Medicine
Dr. Ichiro Tatuno

I am genuinely impressed with your 30 years of boldly challenging the diet industry and becoming a pioneer.

In recent years, the understanding of health disorders caused by obesity has advanced, and the eradication of obesity has become a major social issue.

In the meantime, together with the medical field, who we've collaborated with for more than 30 years, the company has steadily piled up a lot of scientific evidence of safety and efficacy as a pioneer in weight control, weight loss, and diet industries and continued to develop.

I want to pay tribute to the steady progress and achievements, to the continuous efforts of the employees, and sincerely pray for further prosperity.

Professor Emeritus at University of Tsukuba
Dr. Kiyoji Tanaka

We also recommend MICRODIET to those who want to lose weight in our smart diet classroom.

We have been leading the Smart Diet * (SD) classroom since 1983.

I came into contact with MICRODIET (MD) around 1992, and since then, we have recommended MD to many people who want to lose weight or some standard amount of weight. According to the University of Tsukuba research, SD group -7 kg, SD + exercise group lost -9 kg, SD + exercise + MD group lost -11 kg. Also, the study found that MD is effective in weight loss for those who dislike exercise and those who like exercise but have no time to do it.

The ideal combination with MD use is eating habit improvement and exercise. We wish you to age with your health.

*"Smart Diet" is a safe and efficient practical education system that supports behavioral change to weight loss (appropriate weight management) developed from the research results of the University of Tsukuba.
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Clinical Gene Therapy
Professor of Donation course
Dr. Ryuichi Morishita

I first encountered MICRODIET as a dieter, not as a doctor. Trust in MICRODIET, as a food formula leader, is enormous.

I first came across formula food to diet on my own, not as a doctor. After verifying the efficacy and safety data, and trying it myself, I succeeded in losing more than 10kg with formula food.

Many products are related to dieting, but few products received scientific validation for their effectiveness and safety.

We look forward to accumulating scientific evidence as an industry leader and suggesting solutions to those suffering from metabolic syndrome. We sincerely wish you more and more prosperity.