20 years customer feedback.

“Together for 24 years”



Drinking For 24 years

I started using MICRODIET 25 years ago. It wasn’t delicious when I drank it in the sales shop, although it was good for health. But now it is very delicious.

I started MICRODIET to keep my health rather than dieting, but as I continued, I realized various changes. I was cutting weight little by little ...not losing weight forcibly, it feels like excess things are being removed in a well-balanced rhythm. Now, I drink it when I am tired, not every day.

My favorite favor is Milk Tea. I like Melon, Orange, Mango, and remitted edition.
I'm always looking forward to what kind of next favor coming out. Shakers are also easier to use than they used to be. The other day, I was surprised by the customer service employee, who said, "Is the shaker outdated? May we replace it?" I am also looking forward to talking to them.

Now it's natural to be there. It's reassuring, and I can't imagine living without a MICRODIET! Please make more and more delicious products in the future.
I am looking forward to it.

Breakfast with MICRODIET

Anzu Nagahara


Drinking for 23 years

When I was in my twenties, I saw a MICRODIET advertisement and thought, "Trying diet!" Diet was successful with a weight loss of about 5 kg as planned. I've become a MICRODIET fan because of the results, and I still use it in my forties.

I don't eat in the morning, and if I do, I eat almost nothing. Therefore, I think it is better to drink a nutritionally balanced MICRODIET, and the "MICRODIET instead of breakfast" style has been a habit for more than 20 years. Even now, I can keep my weight at about 55kg at 161cm tall.

I like flavors of caffeinated products such as matcha, milk tea, and coffee. It has become quite delicious compared to the past. Particularly, matcha feels more like matcha! I usually use a regular MICRODIET, but when I meet a friend after a long time or when there is an event such as a party, I use the "premium," which contains beauty ingredients.

MICRODIET is a necessity for me! I hope they can keep making good products.