Through your diet,
we wish your smile and healthiness

MICRODIET was born
in the UK

More than 30 years ago, I was selling health foods in NAGANO Prefecture. And I was asked, "Do you want to sell diet foods born in the UK?" That's how I met MICRODIET.
As soon as I heard it, I thought it was a great product, “This is it!”
But it took a lot of efforts and struggles to sell MICRODIET, a product born in the UK, in Japan and make it a product loved by our customer.

Nowadays, MICRODIET is recognized as “a slimming diet food with a good balance of all the nutrition” based on the VLCD theory *, but 30 years ago in Japan it was recognized by the public that “diet food = suspicious”.
So I thought, "If we can prove it at a medical institution, our customer will be convinced."

*VLCD=very low calorie diet

Minemitsu Nishimura Chairman

Sunny Health Co., Ltd.

First health food testing
at medical practice

I asked various specialized institutions, but I was just refused, "We cannot do such a test because it is not a medicine." A doctor from a hospital gave me his consent, so we could conduct a health food test for the first time in a medical setting.

Because both the hospital staff and we were undergoing the first attempt, we ran around with confusion. From recruiting volunteers to experiential surveys, we were running around without sleep.

But the result was clearly amazing and proved that “the diet was successful!”.
"I didn't expect this to happen with health food. Consumers would be satisfied with this."
I couldn't help spilling my tears by the doctor's words.

Communicate solid information
and deliver products with sincerity

As a result, the specialized institutions doctors, who had been skeptical until then, has come to cooperate with us. And we were able to conduct various research and investigations with them.

We will give our customer the solid information, so that our customer can purchase with convinced "what the product is good for". Nowadays it has become a normal thing, but we already did it from 30 years ago.

And as a pioneer and as one of the longest-established stores in the industry, we hope to deliver "useful products for beauty and health" to our customers.