Acclaimed by beauty professionals

Honored by beauty professionals for a long time

Active as a fashion magazine model since 13 years old. In the 90s, she graced the space as an exclusive model to a famous female fashion magazine for five years. She is also active as an expert in beauty and anti-aging beauty, utilizing her experience while continuing to be modeling.

A special thanks to MICRODIET for helping me keep my beauty

Model and beauty researcher Ms.Akemi Takase

Rise in popularity among models

In my late 20s, MICRODIET became popular among models. It was just when I started to become concerned about loose body lines, and I was surprised at the deliciousness when I tried it!
Also, I was impressed to be able to return to the ideal body in a short time. MICRODIET has been taking care of my body for more than 15 years. A nutritionally balanced MICRODIET is indispensable not only for maintaining body shape but also for skin, hair, and nails.

It's delicious so that I can continue!

There are many kinds of MICRODIET, all of which are delicious, so it would be nice to be able to continue dieting without getting tired. Especially the new limited flavors!
I was surprised by the taste like real fresh fruit.
I drink before and after training, so one cup after exercise is a rewarding feeling. There has been a lot of feedback that "I want to drink one" when I upload limited flavors on SNS! From now on, I hope many people will know the greatness of MICRODIET.

My savior, Now and Past!
I want to keep going for a lifetime

soelu yoga instructor Ms.Kuniko Iida

I bought a MICRODIET with pocket money.

I started out wanting to diet when I was a student, and I still remember that I purchased it while calculating my spare funds carefully because I had little money. At that time, I was desperate only to lose weight. Thanks to MICRODIET, I learned the right diet knowledge and the importance of nutrition. It works as a replacement diet food, and the ingredients are lovely! Even as a dietitian, I do not know any other product that can take nutrition in such a balanced manner with one meal in terms of amino acid richness and vitamins.

Use MICRODIET instead of breakfast for body remodeling and to avoid weight gain.

Now I use it for breakfast not only for diet purposes but also for beauty effects. MICRODIET keeps you satisfied for a long time so that you can focus on yoga work without hungry during the day. It encourages a smooth morning rhythm, which helps you to keep off fat. Variations have increased considerably compared to the past, and we can continue to use it without getting tired. For me, "Diet = MICRODIET," and it has not changed now and or in the past. I think that it is a product that I want to keep using for a lifetime.

After graduating from college, she obtained a nutritionist qualification. She has also achieved many qualifications related to beauty and health. She established a new genre called "Pressure & Yoga," and is now based on NY with the support of many women.