The reason why customers choose us
Reliable quality
Many achievements

For 30 years, our belief in delivering responsible and reliable products to our customers has not changed at all.
MICRODIET is committed to safety and security, putting weight in scientific terms, asking experts for their cooperation, and conducting research.
As a result, we were able to obtain an excellent reputation and have accumulated many achievements, including more than 1,000 professional products and being adopted by major companies.

Sales performance

million meals

It’s almost the circumference of the earth!

MICRODIET, which landed in Japan 30 years ago, is now used by 3.8 million people, and total sales have reached 200 million meals.
If you line up the sold MICRODIET bags vertically, it will be 32,000 km, about 3/4 the circumference of the earth!
It's a long-standing product with and is approaching the circumference of the earth in terms of bags sold.

* Calculated by multiplying the long side of MICRODIET (16 cm x 12 cm) by the number of sold until June 2018.

Sales Performance in 41 Countries Worldwide

MICRODIET was invented in the United Kingdom in 1983 and quickly spread to the world. MICRODIET is now sold in 41 countries, including ones in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and has received high praise for its nutrition and safety by overseas experts.

3.8 million users

In Japan, we have created an enormous boom in “replacement food dieting,” and now we have 3.8 million domestic users.
Recently, more and more people are using nutrient- rich MICRODIET for healthy living, not only weight loss.

It has been adopted by more than 1,000 specialized institutes

MICRODIET was widely adopted by specialized institutions more than 10 years before "Metabolic Syndrome" became a topic.
More than 1,000 agencies!
It has overwhelming support from many specialized agencies and experts.

Over 100 papers and conference presentations

MICRODIET has been studied at various academic societies and workshops, and many papers have been published on it.
There are more than 40 publications on MICRODIET, on topics such as "obesity treatment", "weight loss", and "metabolism". Some of the publications are written in English, which is universal language.


Adopted results by major Japanese companies

Health guidance for more than 40 companies including a major airline.

Many companies have begun to take measures against lifestyle-related diseases by following specific health guidance from their respective country. MICRODIET has received attention as a result.
Our company dispatches a specialized dietitian to provide nutrition guidance, and many leading companies such as Japan's leading airlines and top tier insurance companies trust Sunny Health.

Won first place
in many Japanese competitions!

Compared diet shakes by dietitian and registered dietitian

“Survey on Diet” by Trend research
Survey target: 100 women with a dietitian or registered dietitian licenses between age of 23-62
Survey period: June 15 to June 24, 2011

10 consecutive years
No. 1 in sales

By Fuji Keizai research
On Diet food division (2002 to 2012)

By food analysts
Diet shake
Comparative survey

*Food Analyst Survey
By Planning for You Co., Ltd.
Survey target: 100 food analysts
Survey period: January 31, 2012

Top class in popularity, ability and taste!

Food professionals such as dietitians, registered dietitians, food analysts, sommeliers have promoted MICRODIET the number one spot in comparative diet shake studies.
"Deliciousness," "nutrition," and "fullness" were overwhelming and established the position of delicious diet shake recognized by professionals.