• Thank you 30th anniversary.

    thank you 30th anniversary

  • Thank you 30th anniversary.

Through your diet, we wish you happy and healthy

More than 30 years ago, I was selling health foods in Nagano Prefecture. I was asked, "Do you want to sell diet foods invented in the UK?" That's how I met MICRODIET.

Minemitsu Nishimura Chairman
Sunny Health Co., Ltd.


30years of MICRODIET

Born in the UK, MICRODIET has been sold in Japan for 30 years. We have been constantly evolving while staying close to the needs of our customers and the changing times.
We continue to strive every day to continue evolving depending on situations.



created many joyful tears and drama

MICRODIET Grand Prix started as a place to announce the surprises and joys that changed life through diet.
The successful experience of the contestants has given many people courage and excitement.


have been loved for 30 years

Dietary foods cannot last long unless they are delicious. And by simply taking low calories will not make you beautiful.
The delicious taste that make customers smile with just a single sip, and the positive response to beauty. That is the reason why it is long loved.


Unprecedented track record as a diet food

MICRODIET focuses on safety and security, puts importance on scientific grounds, has cooperated with many experts to carry out research.
As a result, we have received a great deal of recognition, and have accumulated many achievements, including being adopted by more than 1,000 professionals and major companies.


30 years of appreciation supported by

the great trust and expectations of many professionals

MICRODIET is recognized and used by many professionals, a message from a medical and beauty professional to MICRODIET.

Thanks for all the encounters.

Highly supported by an important bond

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their continued support of the MICRODIET for 30 years as the world changes rapidly. In addition, we have always been supported by a lot of groups, such as teachers of professional institutions and hairdressers.
We will continue to face each customer with all our hearts and cultivate bonds and connections.


We will do our best to support.

"I wish to be beautiful" and "I wish to be healthy". For the shining smiles and healthy life of our customers, all employees are responsible and supportive as specialists in their respective fields.


We will continue to challenge!

For the past 30 years, various diet methods have been developed and disappeared in the diet industry, but we are reaffirming on our 30th anniversary that our customers are looking for genuine diet product. We will continue to provide "real and right" product to our precious customers who appreciate our high value.

Masahiro Nishimura President

Sunny Health Co., Ltd.