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We have contributed weight loss, health and beauty of Japanese people for more than 40 years since we started our business. Our main and long-selling MICRODIET series is the most well-known diet food brand in Japan, which has been in the market for more than 20 years. During these decades, we have been undertaking various activities to support customers to challenging to lose weight.

To collaborate with various Japanese medical institutes to ensure our top most priority-the safety of the products (Up to date 600 medical institutions are using our products).
To improve existing products and develop new products to meet the needs of our customers.
To enhance support to our customers not only through the products but by offering them counseling over the telephone and online. To exert efforts in providing our customers with study materials containing correct information on how to succeed in dieting and lead a health lifestyle.
To promote collaboration with foreign institutions.

(Papers prepared at medical conferences on obesity and diabetes in 2006)

Concerns about obesity and solving obesity all together are growing. Setting our goal not to produce a single diet failure, we will continue our endeavors in supporting our customers to successfully lose weight with our experience and knowledge.


Health, Beauty and Safety

More than Just selling our products,
we wish to make our customers happy and
satisfied by guaranteeing their effectiveness.
This is our unflagging corporatepolicy.

That dieting is a popular subject of conversation today is a reflection of the growing concerns both men and women have about obesity. We realized, though, that the mark was lacking in effective products and a weight management system backed by a sound theory. Our company, then, decided to launch a safe dieting product MICRODIET while providing our customers, through various method, correct information and theory on dieting. We have been focusing on making our business customer-oriented by lending an ear to our customer's request and suggestions. As a result, our endeavor have been appreciated by our customers throughout Japan.

We sell our products with confidence and strive to achieve our final goal of fully satisfying our customers. To be trusted by our customers is what we believe the highest appraisal a company can be given.

As we strengthen our collaboration with medical institutions, we will continue to pursue our dieting system from counseling to support as we endeavor to contribute to society with a goal perspective by fulfilling our corporate motto, “Health, beauty and safety”

Minemitsu Nishimura
Sunny Health Co.,Ltd.

Corporate activities

MICRODIET has been used for patient’s meals in hospitals and medical institutions for treating obesity. The clinical data accumulated through this has been often reported at medical conferences. We presented a report on our test results at international conference in 2006 on obesity and diabetes.

To be successful in dieting, one needs to have correct information. To support our customers who have purchased MICRODIET products we present them with a guidebook and DVD on dieting and food. The MICRODIET ONLINE also contains a variety information on these topics.
We have held MICRODIET Weight Loss Grand Prix every year to reward those customers who have shown out standing results in reforming their eating habits and lifestyles. We also provide counseling and service to our customers who seek advice during dieting.

As part of our counseling service, our customers can access to the Community Site and even receive encouragement and advice from those who have succeeded in dieting when experiencing trouble or stress while on diet.
Feedback from our customers have been an incentive for us to create new products which is reflected in our development of the risotto type, pasta type, cereal type and low calorie regular menus products as well as in our rice, noodle, desert and snack menus.
The wide variety of our lineup has been developed to provide our customers with a sense of satiety and satisfaction and to alleviate their feeling of hunger and deprivation- a stress factor often experienced during dieting.

Collaborating with universities to promote research and production of next-generation products
Elucidation of the multi-functionality of xanthophylls and its advanced use in food ingredients(Multi-disciplinary Research Support Project for the Creation of Ecology-based Industries)

We conduct research to elucidate the anti-obesity effects. DHA synthesis promotion effects, and anti-diabetes effects of functional xanthophylls such as fucoxanthin and to find methods for isolating multifunctional xanthophyll materials without using heat treatment or solvents, and perform stability and safe tests with the objective of product development.


COMPANY NAME Sunny Health Co.,Ltd.
CEO Masahiro Nishimura
FOUNDED June, 1970
HEADQUARTES 1661 Inaba, Nagano, 380-0912 Japan
TOKYO OFFTCE Yaesu k Bldg, 2-1-6 Yaesu、Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0028 Japan
SALES OFFIC Tokyo, Sendai, Osaka, Fukuoka
CAPITAL 1 billion yen
  • Nation wide distribution of MICRODIET
  • Development and distribution of original health foods
  • Distribution of cosmetics
  • skin-care and toiletry products


1970 istribution of health foods and beverages in Nagano launched.
1978 Sunny Health Co., Ltd. established as a corporate entity.
1988 Acquires exclusive distributorship right in Japan for sales of MICRODIET. Begins research on taste and calorie controlling for Japanese consumers.
1990 Holds National Weight Loss Contest.
1992 Developers t of MICRODIET from UK invited to Japan
Based on clinical results hospitals adopt MICRODIET products for treating obesity.
2002 1st MICRODIET Weight Loss Contest held
2006 MICRODIET less sugar and risotto type products on sale.
Full-fledged internet service MICRODIET ONLINE launched.
2007 Pasta and cereal type new products on sale.
Low-calorie MICRODIET SUPER on sale.
Easy calorie adjustment type product “Calorie 1/2 Series” on sale
2008 Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare holds expectations for MICRODIET to support its “Health Check-ups and Health Care advice with Particular Focus on the Detection of Diabetes” project
2011年 Sunny Health acquires global distribution right of Microdiet.
Beijing Sunny Health Trading Co., Ltd.(北京升日美華商貿有限公司)established to begin distribution Microdiet in China(100% held by Sunny Health Co., Ltd.)

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